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  • QI Wireless Charging Power Bank

    QI Wireless Charging Power Bank

    It’s a new designed wireless charger .Combine the wireless charger and the traditional power bank.You will not be tied by the charging line any more. It can be carried around because of the...

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  • Headphone Dongle For IPhone

    Headphone Dongle For IPhone

    Fob price: US$7.5/Piece.
    Your 3.5mm headphone become useless without headphone dongle. As we know ,Apple has canceled the iPhone 3.5mm audio port for a long time. What can we do if we still...

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  • Apple Mfi Certified Cable

    Apple Mfi Certified Cable

    Are you still using non-mfi lightning cable? It will damage your iPhone seriously. Please change your cable to a mfi cable if you want to pr​olong your iPhone’s life. Stable current and smart chip...

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  • Iphone Wireless Charging Pad

    Iphone Wireless Charging Pad

    Fob price: US$1/Piece.
    Maybe your iPhone needs a wireless charging pad. Nowadays, the pace of life is getting more and more faster . People prefer a simple and fast lifestyle. For example,...

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  • Magnetic Usb Charging Cable

    Magnetic Usb Charging Cable

    Magnetic usb charging cable is new magnetic design. The connector are separated with the cable body. Round connector port. It can work well in any directions . There is no need to take a lot of...

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  • Zinc Alloy Spring Cable

    Zinc Alloy Spring Cable

    Zinc alloy spring cable keeps you away from knotted data line. The material of the cable is zinc alloy. High-gloss shell at both sides,spring in middle.It makes your cable much more durability and...

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  • Subwoofer Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Subwoofer Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    You will not forget it after hearing the sound of the subwoofer wireless bluetooth speaker.Full, High-Def Sound. Super compact design ,40mm 3 W driver, with subwoofer resonator. A cup of tea, a...

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  • Round Head Fast Charging Cable

    Round Head Fast Charging Cable

    round head fast charging cable is designed with braided cable and aluminum shell. It’s wear-resistant and pull-resistant. The thicker 4-core pure copper core make charging faster. The length is...

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  • Magic Ball Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Magic Ball Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    The bluetooth speaker is designed with a fashion outlook. It looks like a small colorful ball. With the bluetooth chip inside.You can use it without wire and take it to anywhere you want. It...

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  • Sound Box Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Sound Box Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    The sound box wireless bluetooth speaker is perfect designed for no wire life. It allows you to listen to the music or answer your phone without any wire.Free your hands. With immersive sound...

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  • Waterproof Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    Waterproof Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    This Bluetooth speaker easy to attach and remove, the suction cup could sucked on any flat surface including desk, wall, window, back side of phone or tablet. Waterproof Shower Speaker - Take a...

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  • Intelligent Robot Bluetooth Speaker

    Intelligent Robot Bluetooth Speaker

    Robot Bluetooth Speaker With 2200MA Large Capacity Lithium Battery has Maximum Sound Playing for 12 hours; Standby for 240 hours; Repeated Charging for 500 times; 600MAh Rapid Charging Technology;...

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