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Why Should We Use MFI Certified Cable? How To Check MFI Certification?

- Nov 27, 2018 -

With the popularity of iPhone. All accessories of it are selling well. What we have to mentioned is data cable. Compared with the original cable, the MFI certified line is relatively affordable. So do you know what the Mfi cable is? Why should we use MFI certified cable?How to check MFI certification?


Let's talk about what the MFI certificated cable is. As we know, you will get a data cable when you buy an iPhone.This one is original data cable of Apple. Except this, another one recognized by Apple Inc. is MFI cable. All MFI certified products are of Apple's MFI logo and corresponding code on the package.



But why should we use MFI cable?

The most important thing is that MFI-certified products must be meet Apple's quality requirements before getting permit of production. So it can works well as the original cable.

Products non Mfi certified will pop up a window prompting non-authentication.

It can’t work when the Apple system is upgraded.

The speed of transmission is very slow.

The current is unstable which will cause damage of your phone when charging.

No after-sale warranty


After learning the importance of Mfi certification. What we should know is how to check MFI certification?We could judge from the following points:

a.The system will pop up a prompt window when connecting with a non-mfi-certificated cable.

b.You can find the MFI logo on the package but non-mfi-certificated cable can not.(as shown in figure 1)

c.There are no corresponding number on non-mfi-certificated cable’s package but mfi cable have it . You only need to type the model,brand or UPC/EAN into Apple's website: It will show whether the cable is a certified or not .(as shown below).

MFI verify

The above are the methods to verify the mfi cable. Actually,Few manufacturers can pass MFI certification, and it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer. 


Our company is a 10-year phone accessories manufacturer and an MFI certified manufacturer. Please look at here if you happen to need an mfi-certified cable manufacturer:


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