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Product Features And Installation Instructions For The Mobile Phone Bracket Of The Vent

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Vent cell Phone Bracket Product Features: structure, modelling concept novel and unique, change the traditional hand pressure on the wings, open the switch is easy to damage. Now as long as the light pressure mobile phone immediately lock machine, the use of flexible and convenient; damping, two-way bounce effect, smooth movement, small noise, large arm opening, with different clamps can be applied to the car and table, applicable to all types of PDA and mobile phone automatic lock stent, mobile phone general-purpose stent, car mobile phone stand, mobile phone racks, mobile phone block.

Installation instructions: Choose the hook for your outlet, will hook into the phone bracket on the back of the center of the circle Point, will be linked to the left or right to move, put another hook adjustment good hook position width slightly smaller than the outlet. With Hook to live out of the tuyere transverse bar, fixed bracket, adjust the angle, adjust the stent, the width of the stent for your mobile phone, put the phone, fixed well.

  • Case Compatible Docking Station for iPhone
  • Multiple Wireless Charging Pad
  • iPhone MFI Lightning Cable
  • Android Micro USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio AUX Cable
  • Vent Phone Holder Used in Cars

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