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Precautions For Installation Of Mobile Phone Brackets In Vents

- Jan 27, 2018 -

In recent years, with the rapid optimization of mobile navigation software, 4G Network + humanized Intelligent map function can give owners a pretty good user experience, in the convenience of use, in order to ensure the safety of driving, drivers need to install a fixed mobile phone, otherwise it may seriously affect the safety of driving vehicles.

Mobile phone stent Modeling concept novel and unique, the frame and holder function and as a, you can put the beloved people, children, pets, landscapes and other photos, so that the car more than a temperature space, embellishment your car. The use of Super strong suction cup, stable suction in the windshield, can also be installed in the air conditioning out of the wind products and car front desk. The support frame is strong and powerful, does not shake, falls, and can adjust the angle, with different clamping car and table are available.

  • Type C Cable Converter
  • Lightning Cable for iPhone X or 8 or 8 PLUS
  • Android Micro USB Cable
  • Type C USB Cable for Android Smart Phones
  • Type C Dual Port 2.4A Fast Charger
  • Ultra Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X

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