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Main Features Of Wireless Charger

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Theoretically speaking, wireless charging technology for human security harmless place, wireless charge uses resonance principle is magnetic resonance, only in the same frequency resonance between the coil transmission, and other devices can not accept the band, in addition, wireless charging technology used in the magnetic field itself is harmless to the human body. But wireless charging technology, after all, is a new type of charging technology, to the technology of the wireless charger, many people will worry about wireless charging technology will be like the original Wi-Fi and mobile phone antenna just like, in fact, the technology itself is harmless.

Wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electricity between the electric and magnetic fields between the charger and the device, and the coils and capacitors resonate between the charger and the device.

The system can be widely used in the future, such as charging areas for electric vehicles and the transmission of electricity to computer chips. The charging system developed by this technology requires only one-one hundred and fiftieth of the current charging time.

Conversion rates have long been a concern for many, and MIT research has shown that the cost of wireless charging technology is lower than that of wired charging. The wireless charge conversion rate is a few percent higher than cable. High conversion is also a key factor in the global application of wireless chargers.

Core chip is one of the difficulties in the application of wireless charging technology in products. Precision radiation range control, magnetic frequency size, other controls are realized by the chip.

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