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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Apple Tempered Glass Screen Protector

- Jan 27, 2018 -

When we go to choose a tempered glass film, what skills and need to pay attention to the place?

Explosion-proof Performance: This is a piece of tempered glass film is a critical indicator, but also the most concern of consumers a performance! Not, good tempered glass protection film toughness, density, strength is very good, mainly in the performance in the fragmentation, there will be no debris, there will be only broken lines.

Scratch resistance: scratch-resistant characteristics are determined by the surface hardness of the product, is completely able to withstand blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp items on the top of the scraping, and it is difficult to underline the glass film obvious scratches.

Feel comfort: Mainly reflected in the use of the finger on the glass film on the smoothness, resistance, good tempered glass protective film to touch a very delicate, smooth feeling, feeling than many mobile phone original touch screen (bare screen) feel better. And poor tempered glass film work rough, not smooth, in the mobile phone slide, a kind of sticky feeling, and not smooth when the stroke.

Anti-fingerprint performance: A lot of try a simple way, that is, the finger print directly, there is no fingerprint, no fingerprint on the defense, this is also a way.

Fitting degree: Good tempered glass film cutting requirements are relatively high, you can only take the film to the mobile phone affixed to find the size of the perfect coverage, especially in some holes (sensitive hole) where more can be reflected, affixed to the bubble is not.

Light transmittance: transmittance is to test all the protective film is the magic weapon, the simplest and most direct way is to see with the eyes, with visual to feel! Good tempered glass film because of high density, light transmittance ratio, see the quality is more high-definition.

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