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Characteristics Of Tempered Glass

- Jan 27, 2018 -


When the glass is damaged by external forces, the debris will be similar to the honeycomb-like angle of small particles, not easy to cause serious damage to the human body.

High Strength

The same thickness of tempered glass impact strength is ordinary glass 3~5 times, flexural strength is ordinary glass 3~5 times.

Thermal stability

Tempered glass has good thermal stability, can withstand temperature difference is 3 times times of ordinary glass, can withstand the change of temperature difference of 300 ℃.


The first is that the intensity is several times higher than the ordinary glass, bending.

The second is the use of safety, and its bearing capacity increased to improve the fragile nature, even tempered glass damage is not an acute angle of small fragments, the damage to the human body greatly reduced. Tempered glass of cold and hot-3~5 than ordinary glass has the improvement, generally can withstand 250 degrees above the temperature change, to prevent thermal cracking has obvious effect. is a kind of safety glass. To ensure the safety of qualified materials for high-rise buildings.

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