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Advantages Of Toughened Glass Screen Protector

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Tempered Glass Film is currently the most popular mobile phone masks, mobile phone toughened glass film in our mobile protection has played an important role, but many people do not know it very well.

The characteristics of toughened glass film is the use of tempered glass material, compared to the general plastic, can play a better scratch-resistant effect, and the effect of resistance to fingerprints and oil pollution is better. And you can take the tempered film as the second outer screen of the mobile phone, if the phone falls, tempered film can indeed absorb some damage, play to reduce the probability of broken screen.

Tempered Glass Film mainly has the following characteristics:

1. HD: Light transmittance in more than 90%, clear picture, highlighting the three-dimensional, improve the visual effect, long time to use the eyes not easy fatigue.

High transmittance

2. Scratch: Glass material after high temperature tempering treatment, much higher than the ordinary film, daily life common tools, keys and so on will not scratch the glass film, and plastic film is different, the use of a few days will appear scratches, can scratch their things are almost everywhere, keys, knives, zipper head, buttons, nib and so on.

3. Buffering: For mobile phones, toughened glass film can play a role of buffering shock, not serious fall of the glass film broken, mobile phone screen will not be broken.

4. Ultra-thin design: Thickness between the 0.15-0.4mm, the thinner affixed to the phone on the less impact on the beautiful, ultra-thin glass pasted up, as if with your phone perfect fit.

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