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Global Adapter

Global Adapter

It can provide conversion of Australian/US/Europe/UK standard plugs. It adopts dual USB design and can charge Android, Apple, tablet and other equipment. The case is made of frosted paint, non-slip and durable.

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Product Name: Global Communication Connector (for foreign countries not used in mainland China)

Product material: ABS flame retardant material + copper sheetcope of application: global conversion

Product function: conversion of plugs in various countries

Product specifications: 0-250V ,10A ,1000W

Available colors: black, white,

Product weight: 110g 

Single package size: 9.5*4.5*cm


1.Meet the power supply requirements of 99% mobile phones, tablets and digital devices on the market, smart charging.


2.Built-in overload fuse, while ensuring the use, do not worry about the burnout of electronic products due to excessive voltage during charging.


3.Installed with Australian standard plugs for use in Australia/New Zealand/Argentina/Kiribati, etc.


4.Installed with US standard plugs for use in the US/Canada/Taiwan region/Colombia/Moses/Japan/Panama/Philippines etc.


5.Installed with European standard plugs, available in Germany/France/Denmark/Finland/Norway/Poland/Portugal/Korea/Austria/Greece/Egypt, etc.


6.Installed with British standard plugs, available in UK/Singapore/Hong Kong/India/Malaysia/Maldorf/Bhutan/Ghana/Kenya etc.


7.The case is made of frosted lacquer, which is non-slip and durable.


8.Productivity: We can produce large quantities of products at the same time, because we have our own factory and advanced equipment, if you are interested in our products. Please contact us.

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