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What is Type-C cable

- Dec 06, 2018 -

What kind of data cable you are using now? Is it Micro cable? Does it annoy you to find the right side before charging? With the popularity of smart phones.charging cable are changing constantly. We used Micro cable in early time, but it is really inconveniently to check whether cable is in a right side before you charging. So the TYPE-C cable (or Usb-C) begin to appear on the market. More and more manufacturer are changing the charging port to Type-C . So what is type-c cable? Let's take a look.

 different between type-c and micro

In a simple way to description, Type-c is a type of Usb cable. Refers to the specific connector shape of USB. As shown in the figure 1. It is designed much more useful and meeting with the trend. faster transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) and more powerful power transfer (up to 100W). The biggest feature of Type-C is that it supports double-sided insertion of USB interface, which officially solves the problem of “USB can never be inserted in time”. At the same time, in order match the Type-C cable,The body of the cable must also become thinner and lighter .



In summary, There are following features of Type-c

1.It can reach the standard of USB3.1 with the maximum data transmission speed of 10Gbit/s.

2. The socket of Type-C port size is small . It’s about 8.3mm x 2.5mm .

3. the "positive and reverse insertion" function supports inserting from both sides, and it’s very durable even with 10,000 times of repeated plugging and removal;

4. Standard-size cables with Type-C connectors can pass 3A current and also support "USB PD" which are of more capabilities than current USB cable .It can also deliver up to 100W.


These advantages of type-c make our life much more conveniently and quickly. Will you change a phone with type-c cable? Please click the USB CABLES on the “product ” navigation if you want to know more details.


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