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The steps of the mobile phone sticking toughened glass screen protector

- Jan 27, 2018 -

1. Open the wet towel to wipe the phone screen clean, the focus is to wipe the screen around clean. We bought the film will come with two wipes, one is a wet towel, one is a dry towel.

2. Open the dry towel and wipe the water stains on the screen. This step is critical, before you put the film on the screen must be sure to wipe clean. If the film is not wiped clean, the dust will remain between the film and the screen.

3. Take out the toughened glass film and tear off the bottom protective film. First, the membrane on the handset with the handset alignment, and then the film under the button and the phone button alignment. Note: This time the membrane and cell phone screen is separate.

4. After the confirmation is correct, then completely put down the toughened glass film. This time the film and the screen will be slowly fitting.

5. If there is a bubble on the screen, then use the dry towel just used to squeeze out the bubble on the screen. If the bubble in the middle, with a dry towel squeeze for a long time did not squeeze out, you can gently open the film to the bubble place, and then put the film down, you will be surprised to find the bubble disappeared.

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