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lightning cable is more durable

- Jan 27, 2018 -

The new lightning interface is more rugged than Apple's existing 30Pin dock interface from a superficial glance.

The design of the new interface if we look carefully, we will find that there are 8 pins on both sides of it, and the white ones insulate the pins from each other. The outermost metal actually plays a grounding function, so strictly speaking, the Lightning interface is designed with 9Pin pins. Each side of the connector has a little bit of recess, this is mainly to be able to tightly "card" in the slot (the slot inside the left and right side each have a spring piece).

At the time of insertion, the metal part with the grounding function will first enter the slot to avoid the electrostatic problem caused by the signal needle connecting first. The top and sides of the joint are not 100% flat, but have a little "rounded" meaning. For both sides, it is more convenient to press the inner side of the socket inside the spring piece smoothly inserted. The fillet design at the top actually has a function--to insert it, first "rub" the 8 signal contacts, have the function of cleaning up the dirt and oxides on these signal contacts. And inside the slot you can clearly see that there is only one side of the contact, which can actually reduce the height of the slot.

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