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Fundamentals of wireless charging technology

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Electromagnetic induction Type

Primary a certain frequency of alternating current, by electromagnetic induction in the secondary to generate a certain amount of electricity, so that energy from the transmission end to transfer to the receiver end. At present, the most common charging solutions using electromagnetic induction, in fact, electromagnetic induction solutions in the implementation of the technology is not too much mystery, China's domestic BYD company, as early as the December 2005 application of contactless inductive charger patent, the use of electromagnetic induction technology.

Magnetic resonance

Composed of energy-transmitting devices, and energy-receiving devices, when two devices are tuned to the same frequency, or resonant at a specific frequency, they can exchange each other's energy, a technique currently being studied by Marin, a physics professor at MIT. Soljacic led the team to use the technology to light a 60-watt light bulb two meters away, and named it witricity. This experiment uses the coil diameter to reach 50cm, still cannot realize the commercialization, if wants to reduce the coil size, the receiving power will naturally descend.

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  • Portable Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone
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