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Fabrication technology of toughened glass screen protector

- Jan 27, 2018 -

After the purchase of raw glass, the use of glass cutting machine for product model, size adjustment, according to the screen size of each digital product cut, so that the formation of a product matching with the glass patch, such as mobile phone film, part of the opening, slotted all this part of the completion of the cut, and then the product glass surface polishing , polished, let the product smoother, do not hurt the hand, and then the surface plating treatment, so that the hands touch the glass surface is more smooth, do not leave fingerprints.

The treated glass is only semi-finished at this time, and then the ab gum material is purchased, and then use AB gum cutting machine will be a piece of ab gum according to the size of glass, openings, slotted one by one corresponding to cut into the same size of glass, and then use the film machine will be processed after the glass and cut the good ab glue perfect fitting, This will be processed into a sheet of glass cell phone film, this process must be carefully completed, especially in the selection of materials, we must choose the best raw material, more importantly in the glass and AB adhesive film process, must use Clean workshop, can not have a little dust, sticky little dust foil and mobile phone can not fit, Affect product quality. So, glass foil after so many processes to complete, of course, can become the protector of mobile phone screen.

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