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Electromagnetic induction technology for wireless charging

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Primary a certain frequency of alternating current, by electromagnetic induction in the secondary to generate a certain amount of electricity, so that energy from the transmission end to transfer to the receiver end. At present, the most common charging solutions using electromagnetic induction, in fact, electromagnetic induction solutions in the implementation of the technology is not too much mystery, China's domestic BYD company, as early as the December 2005 application of contactless inductive charger patent, the use of electromagnetic induction technology.

Electromagnetic induction refers to the phenomenon of induction electromotive force caused by the change of magnetic flux. The discovery of electromagnetic induction phenomenon is one of the greatest achievements in the field of Electromagnetics. It not only reveals the intrinsic connection between electricity and magnetism, but also lays the experimental foundation for the mutual transformation between electricity and magnetism, which opens up the road for the human to acquire huge and cheap electric energy, and has great significance in practical application. The discovery of electromagnetic induction marks the arrival of a major industrial and technological revolution. It has been proved that the wide application of electromagnetic induction in electrotechnical, electronic technology, electrification and automation has played an important role in promoting social productivity and the development of science and technology.

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