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Bluetooth speakers maintenance tips

- Sep 12, 2018 -

Today, mini Bluetooth speakers are loved by many people because of their portability and exquisite appearance. But do you usually pay attention to maintain your small speakers? This kind of speaker structure is not complicated and the size is small. But in order to get a better experience, you need to maintain your small speaker. Then, let's take a look at the maintenance tips of Bluetooth speakers.

1. Avoid high temperature and heavy pressure.

Keep away from heat sources, because excessive temperature may deform the shape of the speaker or prevent its inner parts from working. Besides, don't put heavy objects on the speakers, because the Bluetooth speakers are small and easy to be crushed by heavy objects.

2. Avoid dusty environment

Because the amplifier needs to dissipate heat, there will be heat dissipation holes on the speaker. The dust will not only block the dissipation hole, but also cause damage to the circuit after. So it is very important to avoid excessive dust.

3. Shut down in time.

When not using the speaker, it is necessary to shut down in time, which not only saves electricity, saves energy and protects the environment, but also makes the battery life of the speaker longer.

4. Volume adjustment.

When you turn on the computer, you would better not turn the volume to the maximum immediately. Because when it turned on, the components inside the speaker just started to work, and they would subject to strong impact without preheating, that is easy to damage the speaker. So, after playing few songs , slowly turn up the volume.

5. Pay attention to the cleaning way.

Mini Bluetooth speakers also need to be cleaned from to reduce the effects of dust a, that can make the speaker using time longer. It is not recommended to wipe with water. Most audio equipment are made of metal material (except of waterproof speakers), so water will cause erosion of the outer casing, and the conductivity of water is not suitable for using as a cleaning agent. If you want to clean the body, it is recommended to use a soft brush to remove the dust,gently. For stubborn stains, it is better to use volatile solution-type cleaners, such as alcohol. Use a soft cloth to clean the speaker to reduce the scratch of the body.

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