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Aux is an additional signal line design

- Jan 27, 2018 -

AUX (abbreviation for auxiliary), which is an additional signal circuit design. In general audio equipment, in addition to the formal output and input terminals, often with a number of labeled "Aux" output into the terminal, as a ready to use the end. This terminal can be used when there are special applications, such as making additional sound output or input. This preparation terminal or line, regardless of output, people collectively referred to as AUX.

The Aux port is an asynchronous port, used primarily for remote configuration, for dialing connections, and for connecting to modems via transceivers. Supports hardware flow control. Aux ports are usually placed with the console port because they are different in their respective configuration environments.

The Aux interface establishes a command-line connection between the user and the device, and some operations that are typically not completed in user mode for the device, such as initialization, restoring initial configuration, correcting abnormal user mode, and so on. A fixed port provided for a device that can be used as an ordinary asynchronous serial port. Using Aux interface, it can realize the functions of remote configuration and line backup of hardware products.

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