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At what percentage should I charge my phone

- Dec 08, 2018 -

Smart phone plays a very important role in our daily life. Keeping the phone running is so important. I’ve heard one of my friend's words“I will lost my sense of security if the battery power is less than 90%when I go out”. What do you think of it?  In order to make your battery last longer. Let's learn about: At what percentage should I charge my phone?

At what percentage should I charge my phone.


In the past, the battery in the mobile phone was nickel battery. The lower the battery power is, the better it is to charge the mobile phone. Because the nickel battery has memory, it will consume a part of the battery life when charging once, and the battery life will be exhausted.


But  it was replaced by lithium batteries now, without memory function. The battery life will not be lost even charging frequently. Besides, lithium batteries are equipped with charge and discharge control circuits. charging and discharging deeply will cause permanent damage to the positive and negative of the lithium battery. So It is not wise to recharge your phone when the electricity is used up.


The question is “At what percentage  should I charge my phone”. Usually, In order to ensure the normal using of mobile phones, You should start to charge when the battery power is not less than 20%. to those battery with low endurance, it is necessary to charge when the battery power is 30%  . The requirement is the minimum requirement to protect the phone battery effectively. The better way to protect the battery is charging when the battery power is between 40% and 50%. Many Studies have shown that the battery life is the longest when charging at 50% to 80%.


In addition, we also need to pay attention to the quality of your charging cable. the original cable is the best one, the second is the cable with good quality. You should buy it from a reliable factory. Never buy the low quality charging cable. the current of it is unstable, it will damage your phone.


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